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SourceWhale is the only platform recruiting teams need to execute their daily recruiting activities, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale – all from a single place.

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NDK Cyber is a leading global Cyber Talent Solutions company that partners with organizations across the globe, building strong talent pools across Security Operations, Security Engineering and the GRC space. When the business identified a need to redefine existing engagement strategies due to inefficient and manual processes open to error, it required a tool that would help streamline and simplify its outreach so consultants could spend more time building relationships at scale.

The company already had a reputation for saving its clients huge amounts of time to hire, so it was important that whatever tool it chose would help to maintain its strong position in a competitive market. Thanks to SourceWhale, not only did the business exceed its speed-to-hire ratio by cutting the process down by another seven days, it enabled the NDK Cyber team to:

  Drastically streamline messaging

   Supercharge outreach 

 Save consultants 2-3 hours per day per consultant

   Spend more time on delivery to the customer



The challenge 

Before SourceWhale, the NDK Cyber team spent too much time on tedious manual tasks that impacted their ability to add the human element to their sourcing and business development processes. They needed a tool that would allow them to:

  • Refocus their efforts on high-value tasks like building relationships at scale
  • Remove inefficiencies in their engagement strategy to maximize outreach 
  • Greatly increase their output to drive revenue
  • Continue to stand out in a competitive market


The results 

As well as helping NDK Cyber surpass its speed-to-hire ratio, SourceWhale saved the team huge amounts of time each week, allowing them to focus on the human parts of the recruitment process. Striving to provide best-in-class experiences for both candidates and clients, this was an important outcome for the company as it meant its consultants could prioritize their engagement and delivery to the customer.

With SourceWhale in their tech stack, the NDK Cyber team now have a streamlined engagement process that allows them to be persistent and consistent in their approach, driving superior results. Hyper-personalized, nurturing campaigns with automated follow-ups enable their consultants to drastically increase the volume of outreach and remain competitive in an increasingly saturated market.


"SourceWhale helps us organize and track the many moving parts and stages of our engagement processes that can be easily forgotten and allows us to create relationships at scale – all from one single platform."

- Nick Kebbell, CEO & Founder, NDK Cyber


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Case study
Georgie Partington
Post by Georgie Partington
February 7, 2023

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