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SourceWhale is the only platform recruiting teams need to execute their daily recruiting activities, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale – all from a single place.

Sometimes likened to or mistaken for an email automation tool, we wanted to take a moment to lay out five things SourceWhale offers that other generic outreach solutions do not. From incorporating a variety of channels to the latest AI-powered technology, our platform offers a wealth of tools and functionalities that we're eager to share with you. All are designed to not only increase your engagement rates but also significantly boost the quality of your interactions, leading to more successful placements and results. 

Read on to find out what these are and how they can help you drive better engagement from your outreach efforts.


5 reasons why SourceWhale is more than just an email automation tool

From using a multitude of channels, automating your admin and equipping you with the latest technology disrupting the recruitment process as we know it (yes, we’re talking AI), find out five ways SourceWhale is more than merely an email automation tool:


1. Automation across a variety of channels, not just email 

We know from our data that a multichannel, multi-touch approach to outreach drives better results.

Amsource uses automated follow-ups to double revenue (44)

As you can see, using three channels (as opposed to one) almost doubles the response rate, and using eight steps versus three, it skyrockets. 

You may have heard the marketing principle that suggests it takes seeing something five times to truly grab attention. A similar theory applies when reaching out to candidates and clients. In fact, our research shows that 71% of conversations start from a follow-up message rather than the initial one. This emphasizes the importance of persistence and building relationships through consistent communication across three different channels, tops. 

With SourceWhale, you can do just that. Email is just one channel that can be used when building your outreach campaigns. Set up personalized messages across email, LinkedIn, InMail, SMS and the phone, press go, and voilà. These will run in the background without another thought!



“SourceWhale has transformed my workflow completely. The automated, multichannel outreach allows me to write a campaign once and send it to hundreds of candidates, all individually personalized. Each candidate will then receive at least 3 follow-ups within timeframes of my choosing, at the click of a button. This has changed my job from being buried in follow-ups to massively increased return on investment - I'm now struggling to keep up with interested candidates!”

- Keeva O’Shea, TA Specialist at Dilige


2. Automation beyond outreach 

Automating outreach is one thing. But wouldn’t it be great if you could get those pesky admin tasks done for you too? We think so, anyway. That’s why SourceWhale uses automation in all the right ways - not just for sending outreach across multiple channels, but gifting you hours back each week to spend on actual recruiting. Our platform takes care of activity logging and data syncing straight into your CRM/ATS, not forgetting automating follow-ups so you can ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. It’s a data dream. No more manual errors or inaccurate profiles, just ripe and ready contacts accessible at your fingertips! 

Oh, and gone are the days of not knowing who to speak to and when. Not only do we offer automated to-do’s, but using SourceWhale’s Live Feed you can track who’s engaging with your content in real-time, leaving you to pounce at the opportune moment. 

As you can see, we believe automation isn’t just for sending emails but freeing up your time to spend on doing all the fun stuff, by taking care of the dull stuff. 


3. Dynamic personalization for enhanced engagement

Other outreach tools will offer a base level of personalization. But SourceWhale goes beyond just name, location or time of day variables. Yes, we have a load of these in the bank, but we take it further. As a SourceWhale user, you will have access to features like custom GIFs, images and several dynamic variables that will help you take your outreach to a level of personalization not achieved at scale before.

See our custom GIFs in action, courtesy of SourceWhale’s CEO & Co-Founder, Tim: 



As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get your creative juices flowing. Using our Chrome Extension you can pull up candidate or client profiles on LinkedIn, customize messaging on the fly and record GIFs or create custom images from inside the platform. 

Also, your very own Content Coach will score your message based on industry best practices and indicate what words would need removing to reduce your chances of ending up in spam (amongst many other things). It's a godsend in the world of a much stricter Google, really clamping down on those bulk sends. More on that in the next point below…



“I absolutely LOVE Content Coach as it guides you through writing messaging for a campaign and makes suggestions to improve open and read rates! This allowed me to completely change my approach in my campaign and I saw results/responses almost immediately from my targets. I also LOVE the Chrome extension that allows me to toggle through similar candidates for easy comparison and contact information.”

- Kate Braun, Senior Director at RightWorks


4. AI-powered tools in our arsenal 

We don’t just automate, we harness the power of AI. Why? Well, it’s no secret that you’re now competing with every other brand and business on the planet in the fight for attention. Most of them have digitalized processes and apply out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to being heard above the noise. Sure, you can send some emails, but this won’t cut it. You’ll most likely get drowned out. You may even end up in spam. 

So unlike other outreach solutions available on the market, we’ve built our users their very own suite of AI-powered tools - it’s only fair you have a fighting chance:

  1. WhaleGPT
  2. Insights Tab
  3. Content Coach
  4. Live Feed

Using our platform, you aren’t just writing an email cadence, hitting send and praying for a response. We place the power in your hands by equipping you with the best tech available to heighten your chances of booking a meeting with the target individual(s). 

So recruiters, assemble. It’s time to start standing out. 


5. Advanced analytics and reporting (whilst remaining user-friendly)

Talking of putting the power in your hands, we also ensure you have access to relevant metrics like open, interest and reply rates so you can track what’s working, and what isn’t. This means that rather than throwing caution to the wind, you can drive decisions based on strategic thinking and data. Unlike other outreach tools, we also show your meetings booked stat, the most important metric of them all! All hail meetings booked! 

So, if you’re colleague sitting next to you is acing a campaign and you want to know their secrets - that’s no problem. Simply copy their methods, tweak for your audience and hey presto. Why don’t you see if you can achieve even better results? After all, SourceWhale encourages collaboration and makes it easy for your team to identify best practices, scale what works and increase revenue.



“The reporting is fire. SourceWhale’s email look-up feature and database are incredibly accurate and yield superior results. The automation and features built-in are amazing, yet also very user-friendly and have a great UX + UI. The amount of precision one can adapt to their outreach driven by data is also top-notch.”

- Spencer Clancy, Tech Recruiter at TalentHerder



As you can see, our platform transcends the limitations of traditional email automation tools. Ready to transform your approach? Contact us today and join the thousands of recruiters worldwide who are experiencing a new era of engagement and empowerment with SourceWhale. That way, you can see the difference for yourself!

Georgie Partington
Post by Georgie Partington
February 19, 2024