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How SourceWhale fits into your tech stack 

New tools, technologies, and advancements in AI and automation enter the market every year. This makes looking for a new recruitment tool like navigating a new city without a map. 

But integrating the right tools into your tech stack and keeping it up-to-date with the latest technological trends is essential for staying competitive.

Here at SourceWhale, we keep things pretty simple:


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Our platform sits at the heart of your tech stack, consolidating your tools so that you keep your workflow streamlined and most importantly, all in one place.

No more jumping between systems or manually inputting data and activity logging into your CRM, SourceWhale automates this for you. 

But that’s just the beginning. Read on to discover how SourceWhale fits into your tech stack for enhanced workflows and superior results.


What is a tech stack?

Tech stack = a bunch of essential tools that help you do your job better. 

A tech stack is the set of technologies, tools and platforms that recruiters use to handle candidate sourcing and business development. 

Think of it as your toolkit for finding talent and winning new and repeat clients. 

These tools make everything streamlined and more efficient, particularly when you have to juggle hundreds of tasks every week and reach out to a HUGE amount of people to get your job done.


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Understanding your current tech stack

Each component in your tech stack plays a specific role in the recruitment process.

Candidate/ Contact/ Client Relationship Management (CRM):
Purpose: Build and maintain relationships with potential candidates and clients using recruitment CRM systems, often used for nurturing talent pools and winning new and repeat business.
Examples: JobAdder, Bullhorn, Vincere, PCR

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):
Purpose: Centralize and manage the hiring process, including job postings, applications and candidate tracking.
Examples: Greenhouse, Lever, Workable.

Sourcing Tools:
Purpose: Find and attract candidates from various sources, including job boards, social media and databases.
Examples: LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Entelo, Hiretual

Interview Scheduling and Video Interview Platforms:
Purpose: Facilitate interview scheduling and conduct remote video interviews for added human-touch. 
Examples: Odro, Zoom, HireVue.

Communication/ Outreach Tools:
Purpose: Facilitate communication between recruiters, clients, candidates and hiring managers.
Examples: Email automation tools, Gmail, Outlook, Bullhorn Automation

Data providers:
Purpose: Supplying comprehensive candidate information and streamlined sourcing. 
Examples: Lusha, ZoomInfo, ContactOut, Cognism 

Job Boards:
Purpose: Distribute job postings to multiple job boards and career sites.
Examples: Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster.

Reporting Tools:
Purpose: Track and analyze recruitment metrics and KPIs to optimize existing processes.
Examples: Bullhorn Analytics, Cube19, PowerBI


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Your workflow before SourceWhale 

Let’s paint a picture.

Eren Salih, Lead Account Executive here at SourceWhale, is going to dive a bit deeper into what your current workflow may look like below: 



If any of that resonates with you, I’m sure you’d agree that this is a labor-intensive and inefficient way of working.

A reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets and a lack of best practices means you will miss out on opportunities and achieve inconsistent results. 

We’re only human! Humans make mistakes. This is where technology comes in—technology like SourceWhale. 


How SourceWhale plugs into your existing tech stack 

We often get asked how SourceWhale fits into current tech stack and it’s one of our favorite questions. Why? Because we consolidate your tools to create an all-in-one system of work. 

It’s pretty neat, actually. We integrate with 100+ data providers, sourcing tools, and most importantly, your recruitment CRM systems. 

We enhance, rather than re-invent, existing processes so your team can get up to speed, delivering ROI in no time. 


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  • Automating outreach and workflow 

Imagine a world where the time-consuming manual tasks of recruitment are replaced by a seamless, integrated system that handles the heavy lifting for you. That's what life looks like with SourceWhale in your tech stack.

Automate outreach across multiple channels, ensure follow-ups with prospects and candidates and forget about manual errors in your CRM! 

We even integrate with Gmail and Outlook so you can access all your favorite SourceWhale features right inside your inbox. 


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  • Seamless CRM integration 

With SourceWhale, you can seamlessly parse profiles into your recruitment CRM system and update activity and details all over the web: no more tedious data entry or risk of missing crucial information. 

When you find a potential candidate or business lead on LinkedIn, SourceWhale slots perfectly between LinkedIn and your CRM, automatically adding profiles to your CRM while simultaneously adding them to your outreach campaigns.

This dual functionality ensures you have more contact details than other extensions typically provide, all without lifting a finger.


  • Comprehensive data organization 

Think about the integration capabilities: SourceWhale works with over 60 recruitment-specific CRMs.

This means all your data, outreach and activity tracking are automatically organized and updated in your database.

You no longer need to worry about manually logging emails, connection requests, InMails, or phone calls—they're all recorded in your recruitment CRM system in real-time.

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  • Eliminating administrative burdn 

SourceWhale eliminates the administrative burden and frees you up to focus on building relationships,,,, making strategic decisions and focus on revenue-generating activity.  

By pushing data and activity into your systems, SourceWhale also prevents the dreaded cross-over where multiple consultants reach out to the same people simultaneously, which can harm your brand reputation. 

With SourceWhale, your team works in harmony, avoiding these overlaps and presenting a unified front.


  • Metrics and strategy refinement 

SourceWhale provides detailed insights into where your efforts are most successful. Are you booking 40% of your meetings through LinkedIn?

Maybe 60% through phone calls or 50% via emails? With these metrics, you can refine your strategies and focus on the channels that yield the best results.


  • Enhancing efficiency and results  

SourceWhale isn’t just another tool; it becomes your system of work. In many cases, it augments and super boosts your CRM, making it more powerful and efficient. 

SourceWhale goes wherever your recruiters go, integrating with every major CRM/ATS system and working on more sites than any of our competitors.

This capability increases the speed at which your team can reach out to candidates/clients and ensures they spend more time on the phone having meaningful conversations.


  • Driving consistency in recruitment  

In essence, SourceWhale drives consistency across all your recruitment activities. It integrates everything, ensuring consistency in message quality and quantity.

With SourceWhale, your team can reach more candidates and clients while spending more time on the conversations that matter.


The benefits of adding SourceWhale to your tech stack 

SourceWhale unifies your tech stack into one cohesive system of work, bridging the gap between all your tools and acting as the thread that ties them together.

Our integration capabilities are unmatched, covering nearly every major CRM/ATS system on the market.


  • Save hours every week   

The biggest benefit is the time-saving aspect. Imagine the hours wasted manually logging information into Bullhorn or any other CRM every time you send an email or make a call.

SourceWhale automates this process, drastically reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and eliminating human error. 



  • Automatically sync data and activity    

SourceWhale's comprehensive integrations mean all your outreach activities, whether emails, calls, or LinkedIn messages, are automatically logged.

This consistency is invaluable for managers and senior leaders who gain full visibility into their team's activities, feeding valuable data back into their most important asset—their database.


  • Chrome extension     

Our Chrome extension gives you the freedom to source candidates from any platform and seamlessly add contacts to campaigns directly from where you find them.

Personalize content on the fly to provide tailored experiences at scale and access our AI-powered features like Content Coach and the Insights Tab on the Chrome extension to ensure your messaging hits all the right notes.



  • Future-proofing    

SourceWhale is designed to future-proof your tech stack by significantly reducing the dependency on manual task inputs and minimizing human error.

Staying ahead of the game is crucial and SourceWhale is committed to leading the industry with continuous product developments and enhanced functionality. 

Our proactive approach to industry regulations keeps your processes compliant without the need for you to navigate complex legislation. We stay on top of industry trends and technological advancements, such as AI, to keep you competitive in an evolving market.

By continuously analyzing market demands and integrating deeper analytics with your CRM, SourceWhale ensures that your recruitment strategy remains robust and future-ready.

In essence, SourceWhale not only integrates and streamlines your current processes but also evolves with the industry, providing a resilient and adaptive tech stack that keeps you ahead of the curve.


Hear from our users

“It will be a product that all modern-day recruitment companies will HAVE to have in their tech stack”

Hishem Azzouz, Founder of Hector 



“Put simply, SourceWhale is the cornerstone of my entire tech stack, both from a business development point of view and as a candidate sourcing tool. If you're looking to bring automation into your business, SourceWhale should be one of the first pieces of tech you want to add.”

Dom Birchall, Owner of Checked Recruitment   



“I am constantly looking at ways to optimize our sourcing tech stack. SourceWhale is by far one of the best tools I've come across and has quickly established itself as an indispensable part of our stack.”

Neil Matthams, Owner of Functionn




There is immense value in incorporating SourceWhale into your tech stack. By consolidating your tools, streamlining and accelerating existing processes, our platform empowers your team to focus on what truly matters - finding the best talent and cultivating strong relationships to win new and repeat business. 

If you'd like to chat further about your existing tech and how SourceWhale can help transform existing processes, get in touch with a member of our team today! 



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