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SourceWhale is the only platform recruiting teams need to execute their daily recruiting activities, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale – all from a single place.

Considering you spend a lot of time reaching out to candidates and clients, we thought we’d bring SourceWhale to where you work! 

Whether you are a Gmail or an Outlook user, you can now experience some of your favorite Sourcewhale features right inside your inbox. 

But we didn’t stop there, you also have some exciting, brand-new functionalities at your fingertips. Think time-saving hacks and a watertight follow-up process built to land you more deals!

Access SourceWhale where you work

If people are responding to your outreach, let’s make the most of it! Whether a prospect replies to your message inside or outside the platform, our new integration with Gmail and Outlook means you can track opens and engagement across all communication channels. This improves efficiency as you can manage your BD and sourcing activities in one place.

Leverage Content Coach inside your inbox

Access SourceWhale’s Content Coach when writing emails from inside Gmail or Outlook! Before, you weren’t able to check your emails for optimum deliverability when writing outside of a SourceWhale campaign. This sends shivers up our spines, I’m sure it’s the same for you too! That’s why we’ve installed this perk in your inbox, you don’t even need to be in our platform - pretty cool, right?

Take follow-ups to new heights 

One of the biggest gaps during the recruitment process is the follow-up. We harp on about this a lot here at SourceWhale, as we don’t want you to miss out on opportunities when prospects fall through the cracks. That’s why, with this new integration to Gmail and Outlook, we thought we’d introduce you to a brand new functionality - nudges. 

Nobody has the time or patience to chase prospects for a response. Whether you’re awaiting feedback from a client on a CV or trying to pin down a candidate for an interview, with SourceWhale nudges you can set and forget this headache using a sequence of reminders. If you don’t nudge, the prospect won’t budge! That’s the idea anyway, but more on this below…


Why you'll love this new integration 

We’re obsessed with this new integration with your email providers, and we think you’ll be too. Here’s why:  


Nudges for improved efficiency (no lost deals here, please)

As we mentioned before, nudges are an automated series of follow-up emails that you can attach to your initial email. Set how many nudges you'd like to send over a given time-period, as well as how many days you'd like to wait in-between. 

It's pretty much a follow-up but with a glow-up. If a prospect responds, they aren't sent anymore and you can still use your personalization variables. Though the difference is, nudges are a lot quicker and easier to set up, they are more of a 'chase' rather than a follow-up message (getting nitty gritty here I know, but bear with me) and it's a huge time saver - we all know time kills deals! 

Nudges will empower you to not lose prospects in the dark depths of your inbox because of a lack of a response and will ensure your prospect responds in a timely manner (you'd like to think anyway!). No more waiting for your manager to get back to you about a great candidate you've interviewed! 

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Content Coach for email optimization 

While the amazing outreach emails you send via our platform can benefit from the power of our Content Coach, this previously hasn’t been the case for those emails you write outside of SourceWhale. But what’s the point in crafting an email and then it ends up in spam or with a low response rate, pretty depressing, right? So that’s why you can now access your Coach right inside your inbox. It works exactly the same way as it does in our platform - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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Track emails, not just your SourceWhale campaigns 

You can now see who is opening and clicking ANY of your emails, not just the ones you send via SourceWhale. This gives you the insight you need when you need it so that you leave no stone unturned. When the contact is most engaged, we want you to know about it, even if this means moving our tracking powers to your inbox. So with this new integration, you can be poised and ready to strike when a contact is ripe and ready! This will no doubt book you more meetings - get ready to smash those targets. 

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So there you have it! Your business development and sourcing have just become even more of a breeze. Welcome to a new way of working! 


If you are an existing SourceWhale client, check out our help documentation to learn how to start using the Gmail and Outlook integrations.

If you're not yet a SourceWhale customer and would like to find out more about how to get this awesome functionality in your inbox, click here to speak to one of our experts. 

Georgie Partington
Post by Georgie Partington
May 29, 2024 11:50:52 AM