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SourceWhale is the only platform recruiting teams need to execute their daily recruiting activities, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale – all from a single place.

Done correctly, multichannel sequencing can accelerate your growth. Why? Because it enables your team to follow up candidate and client outreach with personalized messaging across a number of channels. From email, InMail, LinkedIn connection requests, phone calls and SMS, you can maximize your sourcing and optimize your business development by tapping into a wider audience with an integrated, tailored approach.

Combining multichannel outreach with hyper-personalized messaging will help increase your response rate from an average of 18% to 34.5%. When 71% of conversations are sparked by a follow-up, these figures are hard to ignore. Not only can you boost revenue by increasing the number of profitable conversations your consultants have each week, you also improve the candidate/client experience and in turn, your brand reputation.


What is a multichannel outreach sequence?

Simply put, a multichannel outreach strategy means using multiple channels to contact candidates and clients, helping to speed up and improve the recruitment process. Multiple personalized touch points across emails, InMails, phone calls and SMS optimizes your talent pipeline, nurtures contacts down the funnel and improves ROI.


How does multichannel sequencing work?

Right now, your team is probably attempting a couple of steps in their sourcing and business development approach across call, email or LinkedIn. With multichannel sequencing, they can organize their existing workflow, automate parts of it and ensure they never miss any of those all-important follow-ups.

Depending on whether you’re sourcing or focusing on BD, you can tailor each multichannel campaign to suit the individual you are targeting. When you enroll a new contact into a sequence, you can adjust your messaging cadence, select the channels you’d like to use and hyper-personalize.

We recommend having between 3-4 email steps in your multichannel campaigns (depending on your region's formalities). This combined with LinkedIn and phone calls provides multiple touchpoints to drive conversions. You can also use pipeline insights and activity tracking to measure success, tweak where needed and build a powerful, well-oiled outreach machine that delivers consistent results.


What are the benefits of multichannel recruitment?

There are many! Rather than limiting your outreach to a single source, multichannel campaigns enable you to engage candidates and clients across a number of channels all at once. Not only does this mean you make a bigger splash, you’re also more likely to catch the attention of the candidates or clients you need to achieve those targets. Other benefits include:

  • Higher response rates

Replies are recruitment gold dust. Getting a response should be the main aim of your outreach strategy, as well as the follow-up. Not only does multichannel messaging support the contact’s preferred means of communication, it also provides multiple opportunities for engagement.

  • Empowers Scalability

Using A/B testing, you can try what works, play with different messaging and personalization variables to refine your multichannel outreach strategy and optimize results. By evaluating your campaigns and checking which sequences are achieving high open and response rates, you can define best practices and repeat the process at scale.

  • Positive candidate & client experience

End-user experience is your trump card when it comes to standing out from the competition. Effective communication tailored to the individual is integral to forming long-standing relationships and loyalty. Multichannel sequencing allows you to go where the candidates are, provides them with a choice and helps you poach the best talent, garner more referrals and reduce costs.

  • Improved brand reputation

Personalized outreach is not only becoming the norm, it is expected and essential if you want to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. With an average user receiving around 100 emails a day, multichannel sequencing and personalization is an opportunity for you to stand out, make an impact and spark conversations.

  • Reduced time to hire

Working in recruitment, you know that time = money. Multichannel sequencing enables your team to implement a faster, more efficient recruitment process to find the talent they need. They can also bake in follow-ups with those candidates that don’t respond, leaving no stone unturned.


Georgie Partington
Post by Georgie Partington
Oct 14, 2022 3:06:53 PM